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Story Idea - Tree Bending for Peace

Traincor was a tree bender. He has served as the royal tree bender for the last 20 years. Usually, his life is simple. Usually, he completes his tasks, spends time with his family, and helps neighbors with simple tasks. Usually, he doesn’t see the Czartin, the ruler of the realm. This is not a usually day. This day is different. Today, the Czartin needed the services that only the top tree bender in the realm. A neighboring world had recently contacted the Czartin, sharing their worries, problems, and possibilities of cooperating. Without a partnership, the peace that has lasted for centuries would be at risk. Traincor seemed to be one who could help build the partnership.

Who was this neighboring world? What were the worries, problems, and possibilities? How has peace reigned for as long as it has? What does the realm Traincor lives in look like? What is a tree bender? How can a tree bender help with the challenges? What about Traincor’s family? Where are they? How will they impact his decision to help? What type of person is the Czartin? Decide on your direction. Decide on the story and write. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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