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Story Idea - Moving Day


This day is dreaded by children and parents everywhere. While they are looking forward to the newness of different house and change of scenery, each will miss a part of the space they are leaving behind. Each will bring with them a memory to recreate in the new location. Today’s move with our family of four reignites more than just memories. Today’s move begins the next chapter in a more combined life.

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Story Idea – Soccer for the Little Ones

Parents always push their children to achieve greatness in everything they do, especially in sports. Whether they are five and just beginning their venture of kicking a small, checkered ball around a grassy field, or they are fifteen and riding the bench of high school sports team wondering whatever happened to the fun days of just being a part of a team, children are encouraged to play the game.

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Story Idea - What to do for a Living

Jason’s and Jennifer’s father was a quiet man. He never yelled or struck his children. He never had to discipline his children. Their mother would simply say, “wait until your father gets home,” and they would calm down long before he ever did arrive home. He would ask about their days and watch tv, but that was all. He seemed to be extremely busy at work as he was usually gone before they woke up and returned right as dinner was being put on the table. Jason and Jennifer never even knew where he worked and their mother never talked about it.

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Story Idea - Planned Dis-a-parent

Derek had been raised by his father. Once, when Derek was eight, he asked where his mother was. His father simply replied, she is no longer with us, frowned and went about his day. For an eight-year old, this meant that she had died. Not wanting to know how or why, Derek, never asked again. That is until he was 17 and applying for a job. On the application was a spot for his mother’s maiden name. He never knew it. In fact, he never knew anyone from his mother’s family. Derek took the application home and was determined to ask his father again about his mother.

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Story Idea - Spirits in the Family

Ghosts are just a part of our imagination and storylines. Ghosts are visions, merely illusions that interact with the residents of this realm only to be shunned and frightened. There is a small family of spirits that somehow bonded, connected together, and decided to live together in an old television. They continually put on shows that they’ve seen either before or after they entered this unique new world. The television was located safely inside a museum, so the family was able to remain and put on the shows each evening.

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Story Idea - Riding the Kite of Imagination

Children have adventures when the rest of us are simply living our lives. Siblings have even more special adventures in between fights and scream fests. This story begins with a mother listening into the stories of two sisters playing in their bedroom. “Lets fly a kite and get stuck in the air,” says the littlest one. And, the adventure begins…

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Story Idea - Selected Stories Unravel

The book has sat on the shelf since you were three. OK, maybe four…However, the book has always been there. You remember when you were ten, opening the cover once…once…And, your father stood over you and asked where the book belonged. You quickly put it back. You managed to see a few words inside the cover. Those words have stuck with you to this day. Now, as you sort through your father’s belongings shortly after his recent passing, you remember them…

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Story Idea - Grandma and the Friendly Feline

Grandma has not been feeling well recently. In fact, her grandchildren think that she is starting to lose more than her memory. She seems to have intimate conversations with her cat. One day, however, her littlest granddaughter over hears one of those conversations…both sides…

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Story Idea - Sisters in School

Sisters can teach each other many things. They can teach each other good habits and some times not so good habits. They can help each other get acquainted with a new school and find new friends. This adventure involves two young children. One is in second grade. She is mostly extroverted, comfortable, and secure in the learning environment. The other is in kindergarten. She is introverted and a little nervous about all the people she doesn’t know.

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Story Idea - Driving Success

Getting your driver’s license was an exciting adventure for the teenager. However, it was never any fun for the parent. The driver is a nervous individual who really wants to pass. The driver has plans for a more exciting weekend. A party with an older crowd; a borrowed freedom; and a new date lie ahead after one small accomplishment.

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