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Story Idea - Traveling Keyboard

An individual who stresses too much about something little…something so little, he has to bring it with him wherever he goes…just in case…What is that something you ask, a computer keyboard. He doesn’t want to us any other keyboard. His keyboard is perfect. It always has been perfect. This is part of the problem. It can connect to any machine; be used on any operating system; fit in the tightest of places.

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Story Idea - And, the Music Begins

A story that involves music provides additional elements that are not available in most other stories. Concerts create and bring back memories long after the music stops. Whether you think about the rebounding of the bass, the techno touch of the guitar, the soft melodies of a violin, the boom of the drums, or the surging of the brass, you remember the moments you were a part of life with many others like yourself.

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Story Idea - Stuck on the Stairway

What if the power went out in your 20 story building and you were stuck in the stairway…no, not the elevator, but the stairway…You’ve heard other stories about being trapped…you’ve seen the movies where people feel uncomfortable in enclosed spaces…However, what if you were just stuck?

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Story Idea - Car Life

Have you ever thought about being a car? Maybe not. Perhaps, you have thought about the feeling of a new car. The smell, the smoothness of the seats, the purr of the engine…What makes each new car special? What makes each car function fully and faithfully? Does it need special care? Or, is it just a car?

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Story Idea - Work Connections

Work environments can be the place of great accomplishment or great frustrations. The wonderful reason to write about a work environment is that there is always a protagonist and an antagonist built in…Plot yourself as the hero or the villain, but create the plot, setting, and storyline from what you know.

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