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Story Idea - Vanishing Village

Unid was a shaman for an ancient tribe. Unfortunately, the tribe had recently vanished. Right before the disappearance, the skies grew dark and Unid lay napping under a poonta tree. When he woke and strolled back to the village, he noticed very little. However, when he got within sight of the moving city, he did notice that no one was moving…He looked around, still a bit groggy from his respite. He searched many of his neighbors’ houses and found no one.

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Story Idea - Tree Bending for Peace

Traincor was a tree bender. He has served as the royal tree bender for the last 20 years. Usually, his life is simple. Usually, he completes his tasks, spends time with his family, and helps neighbors with simple tasks. Usually, he doesn’t see the Czartin, the ruler of the realm. This is not a usually day. This day is different. Today, the Czartin needed the services that only the top tree bender in the realm. A neighboring world had recently contacted the Czartin, sharing their worries, problems, and possibilities of cooperating. Without a partnership, the peace that has lasted for centuries would be at risk. Traincor seemed to be one who could help build the partnership.

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Story Idea - Finding the Golden Path Home

The clouds cleared and the rainbow made its way across the sky. Tiny feet scurried trying to locate the end of the brightly colored ribbon of light. When you lose the magic that brought you to this land and have no other way back to your own home, you keep trying no matter how long it has been between rainbows. Sure, you have maintained those simple party tricks with playing cards, pulling one coin out of random places, and basic mind-reading, but you lack the direction to find the end and true pot of gold…the path back home.

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Story Idea - Looking for Fantasylands

What is the difference between sprites and fairies? How about fairies and pixies? At some point, they were the same. At some point, they became different. At some point, they just moved away from one location to many. Until one day when another creature finds a document with hints of where each group moved.

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Story Idea - Riding the Kite of Imagination

Children have adventures when the rest of us are simply living our lives. Siblings have even more special adventures in between fights and scream fests. This story begins with a mother listening into the stories of two sisters playing in their bedroom. “Lets fly a kite and get stuck in the air,” says the littlest one. And, the adventure begins…

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Story Idea - Wisping Away the Kernals

Shucking corn had always been something Mary and her family did. With husks and little “hairs” lying together in a heap on the table, they never noticed the even thinner wisps of light that seemed to fade and float away…Where do they go? What are they? These little creatures are actually the ones who take care of the crops and nurture every kernel. The hairs left behind are the remnants of the threads they leave behind.

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Story Idea - Imagination Alive in the Big City

Life is the big city is tough enough. However, when a grown man starts seeing unicorns, elves, and trolls, life becomes even more difficult. He can not explain or share with anyone what he sees or why he sees it. However, this poor soul has watch the trolls throw tacks on the roadway and laugh as tires exploded over bridges. He has observed the elves spray painting on the sides of buildings. He has even seen a unicorn lick the top scoop of an ice cream cone and cause it to fall to the ground, leaving a mother to deal with a crying child.

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Story Idea - Modifying your Hat in Life

We all wear different hats, literally and figuratively. What would happen if a particular line of hats made their wearer into someone else. Every time, someone puts on the hat, their life would change to someone else’s. While they would know who they were no one else would. The hats have been kept in a safe place for centuries. However, one of the guardian elf-like creatures decided they needed to be taken out for some updating. The updates were astounding, from local sport teams to cowboy hats to unique capos…each one aligning to a special family…

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