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Story Idea - Fit in one Halloween day…

All Hallows Eve brings up many visions and expectations from most. From little children to aged adults, this evening conjures many thoughts and pictures of the ghoulish, the spirit world, and the supernatural. What is you are one of those creatures. You know, the scary members of the night. The great part for you on this evening is that you can finally blend in with the others. You can finally have a normal life for one day.

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Story Idea - New look at New Years

It was New Year’s Eve. Ted thought that things could not be worse than last year. In fact, he was not taking any chances. He decided to stay home, watch the celebrations on tv, and go straight to bed shortly after midnight. The doors were locked. The windows sealed shut as the cold tried to reach inside and chill everything within its grasp. Ted did not want to face the same path he did last year. He did not want to see the faces on any of the party-goers this time as he did last year. It was a mess.

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Story Idea - Changing of the Leaves and Man

Fall brings many changes. Leaves fall and colors migrate from green to more placid hues. Fall also brings alterations in attitude…at least that is the case for one man…Every year, as the trees shed their blankets of green, this man sheds his brighter personality for a more aggressive one. Most of the time, he disappears into a residence buried in the depths of the bare forests…most of the time.

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Story Idea - Easter Eggs

Eggs bright, colorful, and decorative have become the icon for the Spring holiday of Easter. Whether you celebrate Easter in its original form or enjoy the commercialized version that has arisen, this day has come to symbolize a rebirth, a newness, and a time for family. Think about your own egg-enhanced encounters. Identify one main character from the cast within your family and put a little twist on how your egg hunt went astray.

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