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Return of the Wizard King by Chad Corrie available as ebook


For listeners of the Story Institute RamblingVerser podcast, you may remember author Chad Corrie.  His new work, Return of the Wizard King, the first book in The Wizard King Trilogy, is now available as an e-book by Mantikore.  Chad knows how to tell a good story, build characters, and establish a universe that … Continue reading

Story Institute Announces – The Blotted Line by Mehreen Ahmed

Mehreen V2 edited V8b formatted

NASHVILLE, TN – March 1, 2013 – Story Institute, your online and in-print source for imagining, enhancing, and growing stories, is proud to announce the publication of The Blotted Line, a series of short stories, by Mehreen Ahmed. Riddled with foreign words, The Blotted Line is an international book of … Continue reading

Short Story – La Ville-Lumiere – Mehreen Ahmed

La Ville-Lumiere By: Mehreen Ahmed The city’s spirit is aptly sensed, by none, other than Gil, in Midnight in Paris. La Ville-Lumiere or “the city of light,” as Paris sometimes is called, is full of cultural sophistication and sensuous get up; something it owes largely to fashion, the glamour glitz … Continue reading

Amazon Kindle Serials: old approach, newer technology

If you have an Amazon Kindle and long for the approach of Dickens when reading new stories, Amazon may have your answer.  Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, said, “for our next invention, we reached back into the past for inspiration.” Amazon released eight Kindle Serials to begin this new distribution method. Each edition … Continue reading

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble team up for “world-class reading experience”

According to a press release today, Microsoft and Barnes and Noble are forming a strategic partnership to create “world-class digital reading experiences for consumers.”  This joint effort, called Newco, will be a new subsidiary of Barnes and Noble and build upon the platform already at Barnes & Noble. For Microsoft’s part, they … Continue reading