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Story Idea - Romance by Chance or Circumstance

Valentine’s Day is a romantic day for most. Fred, however, has tried to be romantic. He has set blind dates. He has written poems, bought flowers, and arranged numerous carriage rides…all for other people. Fred always seemed to be there to help most of his friends connect with their romantic counterpart. He has decided to ignore the topic all together for himself. That is until his close friend, Sadie, comes to him for help.

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Story Idea - Flower Power

Picking the right flower can make or break a relationship. Do you go with the red ones? The pink ones? The white ones? The roses? The tulips? The brightly-colored, always in bloom ones? Wait, those might be plastic. They might be, but as you pass the store, you are drawn in by the beauty, fragrance, and allure of the rather unique petal filled vase. Something about these flowers says look at me, smell me, buy me.

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Story Idea - Away to Nature

The tall creature lingered into view. The young couple sat on their hotel balcony and watched the long tongue wrapped itself around a nearby tree, slowly stripping off the green leaving only the remnants of a darker, brownish color-coated in saliva. The man and woman embrace and watch this simple act of nature. They came here to get away…away from the city life, away from the chaos, away from the “technological advances.” They came here to hide. They came here to be together.

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Story Idea - Soothing Sounds of Romance

Soft harmonious notes simply soothe the soul. They provide opportunities to rest and opportunities to romance. During a concert, anything can happen. Looking into the eyes of your soulmate and becoming lost is still within the realm of possibilities. This is true for Bill. As he listens to the simple melodies and becomes engulfed within the placidity, Bill’s gaze wonders to the oboe player as she fills the auditorium with these gracious notes.

Does Bill meet the oboe player? Who is this musician? What music is playing? Does the music strengthen their relationship if there becomes one? Or, does Bill just admire her from afar? Who is Bill? Did he venture to the concert alone? Or, was he there with friends? Decide on the path he has and will take. Decide on the story, and write. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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Story Idea - First Date

First dates are exciting for a teenager. It is not always about the physical relationship. Rather is it about coming of age and a connection with another person. Many of those first dates may not have turned out the way we would have liked them. Many of those first dates never resulted in any type of relationship other than a good memory of a simpler time.

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Story Idea - Wedding Day – Groom View

Weddings can conjure up a completely different vision for every person reading this. If had a large wedding, you may have soaked in the excitement, the happiness, and the jubilation from the many, many, people around you…you may have also been completely exhausted from shaking everyone’s hand and thanking them for celebrating this special day with you. If you had a small wedding, you may have reveled in the intimacy, the togetherness, the bond that you shared with the special, select group of people. And, if you are part of the growing statistic of having multiple marriages, maybe you experienced both.

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Story Idea - Proposed To

The proposal from the one receiving the proposal is always the most uplifting of the views. In a previous topic, we recommended writing your short story from the viewpoint of the one who is proposing. This time, think about the other end.

Think about whether the proposal was secretive or if the one being proposed to knew it was coming. The one receiving the ring may have seen the ring, knew the day was coming, but did not know when and where. Short stories about this can be centered on not only the event itself, but the conversations the individual may have had with friends prior to the emotionally exhilarating and sometimes exhausting event.

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Story Idea - The Proposal

Short stories easily become long stories if writers do not plan effectively. The interesting thought, though is that as much as we would like to plan effectively in the real world, a muse somewhere wonders in and changes it. This is especially true in romance. The topic for today is more specific than romance itself. Rather have your character propose.

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