Story Idea - Moving Day


This day is dreaded by children and parents everywhere. While they are looking forward to the newness of different house and change of scenery, each will miss a part of the space they are leaving behind. Each will bring with them a memory to recreate in the new location. Today’s move with our family of four reignites more than just memories. Today’s move begins the next chapter in a more combined life.

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Story Idea - Twittering Your Life Away

So, you have decided to sign-up for Twitter…you don’t know why, but you do know that it is all that…or, at least that is what your younger sister told you. You have gone to the main page, signed up, waited…nothing. That’s right, nothing. You check the screen for days wondering when the “news” will be flooding in. Once, after signing in, you see a large whale on the screen and then a funky bird. After refreshing your browser a few times, you see a blank spot under your update box. You can’t take it any more. So, you decide to have a conversation with yourself using Twitter.

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Story Idea – Soccer for the Little Ones

Parents always push their children to achieve greatness in everything they do, especially in sports. Whether they are five and just beginning their venture of kicking a small, checkered ball around a grassy field, or they are fifteen and riding the bench of high school sports team wondering whatever happened to the fun days of just being a part of a team, children are encouraged to play the game.

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Story Idea - Rollercoaster Theming

Life is like a rollercoaster. A common analogy used to explain the ups and downs of life. When thinking of this rollercoaster though, depending on your experience you may picture a stand alone coaster. One in the middle of a park, perhaps sitting next to a carousel or some other ride. Each are enjoyable experiences as you enter the rides, but once the ride is over…well its over.

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Story Idea - Coffee - Taste and See

Coffee is a great stimulator. It provides that get up and go when the get up has just about gone, or perhaps hasn’t even shown up for the day. Tammy drinks three cups of this magical brew each morning before she even gets into work…one before her shower, one after the gym, and one on her way to the office. The rest of the day’s menu is very similar. She needs the caffeine, and nothing else seems to work. It has to be coffee or nothing. Somehow, she forgets to buy her usual coffee during her recent trip to the grocery store and runs out late that night to pick up a blend for the morning.

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Story Idea - Flying into a Different Similar Cloud

Flying above the clouds can be uplifting, but rather dull if you do it often. Such is the case with Bill. He looks forward to being in a different place at the end of the trip, but the path itself is less than exciting. On one trip between Chicago and Orlando, the plane had to fly a little lower and was actually flying through the clouds. Bill looked out of his usual window seat and observed a different world. He stared and saw things within the clouds that he recognized on the ground.

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Story Idea - Vanishing Village

Unid was a shaman for an ancient tribe. Unfortunately, the tribe had recently vanished. Right before the disappearance, the skies grew dark and Unid lay napping under a poonta tree. When he woke and strolled back to the village, he noticed very little. However, when he got within sight of the moving city, he did notice that no one was moving…He looked around, still a bit groggy from his respite. He searched many of his neighbors’ houses and found no one.

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Story Idea - Time in Imagination with Technology

Time stands still when you do not carry a watch. Time also stands still when you do not know what time is…We can hide from reality and even be put in places to help us pretend more. However, we can not dismiss reality when the lights around us signify changes. Tessa went into the home when she was 12 and has not seen others since then. Her room provides all she needs. It is a small, three-sectioned room that changes with Tessa’s imagination. When she needs to go outside, she exits through one section and ends up in another, viewing trees and feeling the breeze. She interacts with the creations she has drawn or described out loud. The main computer provides the rest. On one particular day, an actual visitor somehow crept into the room…

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Story Idea - Tree Bending for Peace

Traincor was a tree bender. He has served as the royal tree bender for the last 20 years. Usually, his life is simple. Usually, he completes his tasks, spends time with his family, and helps neighbors with simple tasks. Usually, he doesn’t see the Czartin, the ruler of the realm. This is not a usually day. This day is different. Today, the Czartin needed the services that only the top tree bender in the realm. A neighboring world had recently contacted the Czartin, sharing their worries, problems, and possibilities of cooperating. Without a partnership, the peace that has lasted for centuries would be at risk. Traincor seemed to be one who could help build the partnership.

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Story Idea - Eaten and Not Burned

Smithy was also a bit on the heavy side, but he was not too large. He was definitely an over-eater who had hoped at various moments to control his appetite. This was to no avail. Every attempt Smithy made to stop eating caused the desire to grow even more. He never left a meal without eating dessert. After one meal at a new restaurant, his usually painful and immediate heartburn did not return. As he finished his appetizer, he reached for his medication in his top pocket. As he was about to take it, he realized that he did not feel any pain. He put the pill back in his pocket and moved to his main dish. As he continued to eat, he searched for the familiar pain. Nothing…Smithy began to wonder what had happened.

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