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Story Idea - Weather Controlled

What if the groundhog was actually the controller of the weather instead of just the predictor of a shortened Winter? What if the groundhog had an extensive series of tunnels that were used to influence the direction of the clouds, the strength of the wind, the flow of the rain upon a dryer earth? What if…what if…

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Story Idea - Away to Nature

The tall creature lingered into view. The young couple sat on their hotel balcony and watched the long tongue wrapped itself around a nearby tree, slowly stripping off the green leaving only the remnants of a darker, brownish color-coated in saliva. The man and woman embrace and watch this simple act of nature. They came here to get away…away from the city life, away from the chaos, away from the “technological advances.” They came here to hide. They came here to be together.

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Story Idea - Gifts Shared at a New Home

Small, feathered creatures make their way into a new pond. In order to feel welcome, they bring a few gifts for their new neighbors. Each treasure is specially selected for each new friend. The ducks listen to each story and find out who represents each prize.

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Story Idea - Mysterious Delivery

The day was not cloudy and the night was as dark as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Of course, that is how it usually works out, isn’t it…the truck of new bamboo arrived at the zoo…yes, bamboo, and yes, the zoo. The exhibits needed some new foliage and the pandas needed some additional food. As the keepers open the truck and begin to inspect the cargo, they hear rustling toward the back of the truck. Slowly the make their way toward the sounds. As the reach they back, flashlight shining the way, a small furry creature creeps out from behind the tall stalks. He is black and white looking bear, who is wearing an illuminated, green collar and seems to be smiling at the crew.

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Story Idea - Horse of a New Color

Have you ever thought that the horse of a different color could be real? What if the wish of one little girl helped make this fantasy more of a reality? What if the horse changed colors depending on the mood it was in? What if? What if? That is what the 6 year old little girl kept asking her daddy after taking a few riding lessons.

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Story Idea - Storms Rising

The wind shifts and the rain pelts the dry earth below. The sky darkens and the winds increase in intensity. The calming drips of a slow rain as it provides tasty water to the thirsty verdant terrain. It was light just a few moments ago. There were no cars on the road. Now, a parking lot rests on the pavement and darkness scatters among the residents of this small town.

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Story Idea - Rain Games

Do you remember the fun neighborhood games that you used to play when you were younger? Were you one of those young ones who ran around in your swimsuit with a towel on your neck as you flew around the houses? Did you wait for the rain to add to your superpowers? This story is about childhood adventures in the rain.

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Story Idea - Camping Within the Story

Camping can be fun and adventurous. The musty smell of the nylon tent; the warm, damp feeling inside the sleeping bags; the random, rather mysterious eruptions of sounds as nature’s night lights sparkle in the clearer, midnight blue backdrop. The beauty and wonder of the outdoors dissipates as voices of little ones fear and fret about the darkness and the critters they saw peering through the trees before they entered the tent.

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Story Idea - Riding the Waves


The waves have been around since the oceans were formed. They carry water from one spot to the next. They push along boats, seaweed, and many other species who rely on the depths to move them from one location to the next. Could it also be the need for transportation that causes waves in the first place?

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