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Story Idea - Planned Dis-a-parent

Derek had been raised by his father. Once, when Derek was eight, he asked where his mother was. His father simply replied, she is no longer with us, frowned and went about his day. For an eight-year old, this meant that she had died. Not wanting to know how or why, Derek, never asked again. That is until he was 17 and applying for a job. On the application was a spot for his mother’s maiden name. He never knew it. In fact, he never knew anyone from his mother’s family. Derek took the application home and was determined to ask his father again about his mother.

Decide how Derek asks his father about his mother. Decide if she is still alive and what adventure he may create to find details. Decide if this is a short story, a novella, or a novel. Decide why there are no pictures of his mother and no contact with her family. Decide why his father never discussed this with him. Decide on the path and why he would follow it. Decide if he ever asks his father, or simply leaves the line blank and thinks about the answer in various settings. Decide if Derek ever does apply for the job.

Where does this take place? What is the family’s financial situation? Has Derek’s father had girlfriends? Does Derek see any member of his father’s family? Do they have any pets? Does Derek share any of his thoughts with his friends? What are their names? How long has he known them? Decide on your direction. Decide on the story and write. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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