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Story Idea - Car Life

Have you ever thought about being a car? Maybe not. Perhaps, you have thought about the feeling of a new car. The smell, the smoothness of the seats, the purr of the engine…What makes each new car special? What makes each car function fully and faithfully? Does it need special care? Or, is it just a car?

Really, write a story about realizing life as a car. I know, I know, this would be much easier in a poem and much shorter…However, choose when life occurs for your car. Is it when the engine gets settled in? Is it alive when the headlights are connected? Is it real when the steering wheel is added? Make a choice, but share the enthusiasm of the car coming out of the factory. Share the anxiety of the car as it rides atop the transport. Share the anticipation of the car on the dealer lot. Show the jubilation or disappoint of the car after it is purchased.

Yes, this does seem a little hockey. However, it worked for a small entertainment company that dabbles in animation…think beyond what you use the devices for and make each represent a function of life. Maybe the air conditioning is the car huffing and puffing…or just breathing…hey, maybe that is why you can’t really shut off the air flow… Keep it creative and simple. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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