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Story Idea - Easter Eggs

Eggs bright, colorful, and decorative have become the icon for the Spring holiday of Easter. Whether you celebrate Easter in its original form or enjoy the commercialized version that has arisen, this day has come to symbolize a rebirth, a newness, and a time for family. Think about your own egg-enhanced encounters. Identify one main character from the cast within your family and put a little twist on how your egg hunt went astray.

Did you lose one egg? Did you lose them all? What happened to the eggs? Add a surprise to the ending. Work on setting up your story with clues that are hidden, but are there for all to see if they read closely enough. Let the loss of the eggs flow from one member of the family to the next.

Making a child your main character would add some simple, but loveable intrigue to the story. Ask questions and look only where the little ones would look. Make the character interesting enough so that the older children in the story begin questioning whether their thoughts on what happened to the egg are correct, or the random hypotheses of the younger, more creative one are accurate. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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