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Story Idea - Proposed To

The proposal from the one receiving the proposal is always the most uplifting of the views. In a previous topic, we recommended writing your short story from the viewpoint of the one who is proposing. This time, think about the other end.

Think about whether the proposal was secretive or if the one being proposed to knew it was coming. The one receiving the ring may have seen the ring, knew the day was coming, but did not know when and where. Short stories about this can be centered on not only the event itself, but the conversations the individual may have had with friends prior to the emotionally exhilarating and sometimes exhausting event.

If the main character knew something about the plan, was the individual constantly looking for when and where? Was the location important? Were there hints dropped that were not recognized consciously by the one expecting a ring? Were there hints dropped to the one proposing as to what location would be best? Or, perhaps what day would be best and the most memorable?

Connect to the words you heard…connect to the words that were actually said…connect to the location…more importantly, connect to the memory. Your story will be shorter than you would ever imagine, but save the rest for other storylines. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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