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Story Idea - Camping Within the Story

Camping can be fun and adventurous. The musty smell of the nylon tent; the warm, damp feeling inside the sleeping bags; the random, rather mysterious eruptions of sounds as nature’s night lights sparkle in the clearer, midnight blue backdrop. The beauty and wonder of the outdoors dissipates as voices of little ones fear and fret about the darkness and the critters they saw peering through the trees before they entered the tent.

No one can sleep. So, you decide to tell them a story. The story involves the fun aspects of nature not the eerie and spooky ones. The story encourages memories of earlier days when imagination and creativity were much more prevalent than tv and technology.

This short story, while still on the light side contains a more advanced element of storytelling, the story within the story. Involve both aspects within your piece. Choose your imaginary characters and your “real” ones. Let them interact with each other and grow your story on the strength of each group. Keep it simple, but encourage the growth. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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