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Story Idea - Changing of the Leaves and Man

Fall brings many changes. Leaves fall and colors migrate from green to more placid hues. Fall also brings alterations in attitude…at least that is the case for one man…Every year, as the trees shed their blankets of green, this man sheds his brighter personality for a more aggressive one. Most of the time, he disappears into a residence buried in the depths of the bare forests…most of the time.

This time, however, he has found a job and a relationship that has caused him to lose track of time. The official arrival of Fall draws nearer and nearer. Instead of secluding himself, he goes about his routines and spends time with his new found joy. His temperament is growing more negative, but he has controlled or covered this behavior in the hopes of breaking the cycle.

What will he do? Does he remember that he must disappear? Will his new found companion be able to help him or even break him from his change. Will the Spring arrive early and help grow a different pattern? Decide on the path. Decide on the why. Decide on the story, but write. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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