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Poem Idea - Father's Day Remembered

What role did your father play? What role did you allow him to play? How do you celebrate Father’s Day? Do you recognize your dad as a strong individual who can conquer any fear and help subside any worries? Do you remember your daddy for the fun times of playing catch or learning to ride your bike? What image have you created to share with others about the man who was a guiding force in your life?

When you think about celebrating Father’s Day, where did you leap in your memory? What moment did you wish to recreate? When did you decide to call him dad? Father? Daddy? Papa? When did you share what he meant to you? Pull from whatever vision you have made of him. If you do not have one, share the loss, share the hope, share the connection with a father figure. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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