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Poem Idea - Swamp Life

The swamp is a mysterious place that provides a home and shelter to many life forms. From frogs to alligators and mosquitoes to bats, each call this murky place their home. Dark waters provide shelter and nourishment to these creatures. Some have bulging eyes on the top of their heads to better see the slumping environment. Some meander aimlessly looking for the next place on which to land. The swamp provides much to a different world of wild life.

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Poem Idea - Country Life

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Poem Idea - Big City Living


Ah, the big city…for those who live there, hopefully, they see past the concrete, the cars, and the buildings. Hopefully, they see past the subways, the limited shopping, and sanitation trucks. Hopefully, they see the power of the people, the passion of the past, and the path to the future. Thankfully, there are many views to explore when we think of the life in and as they city.

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Poem Idea - Work Reflections

As adults, we spend the majority of our time at work. If you work in retail for 1 year, you have enough stories to laugh for a lifetime. Instead of creating characters, plots, and the like, try to place in verse your thoughts throughout one particular day. Decide whether you will evoke, engage, or empower the readers into your world. The world that takes you away from the spouse and children…the world that adds parameters to your natural functioning…the world that enables you to purchase new books and technology…

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