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Poem Idea - Crackling Campfire

The crackle of the wood as flames strike the wood. The smell of greener logs emitting a film as they are tossed into the growing blaze. The light gray specks floating around randomly within the smoke and the sparks. The sights and sounds of a campfire excite little ones and provide memories and paths to new visions for adults.

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Poem Idea - Seashells

No two seashells are alike, yet they group themselves in the same places. They float and they sink. They migrate and are migrated. Some are flatter than others. Some are smooth and others posses ripples and ridges. Many have various colors that allow them to sparkle in the sunlight and catch your eye as you stroll down the beach. A few others are dull in nature and blend into the glistening sand.

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Poem Idea - Tortoise not Turtle


Tortoises are classified as slow and tired looking. For those that know the beast, they can be described as calm, complacent, wise-looking. The hard shell protects the softer insides from predators, but it is not the enormously comfortable home we may desire. It creeps along 0.13 mph, but does it get to where it is going?

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Poem Idea - Giraffes Around


Giraffes are tall creatures who blend in well with the surroundings they choose. They reach up into the tall realms of the leafy residents of their community and enjoy a meal or light snack. With feet the size of a standard dinner plate, they can achieve speeds of up to 30 mph as they sprint with a very unique gait.

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Poem Idea - Swamp Life

The swamp is a mysterious place that provides a home and shelter to many life forms. From frogs to alligators and mosquitoes to bats, each call this murky place their home. Dark waters provide shelter and nourishment to these creatures. Some have bulging eyes on the top of their heads to better see the slumping environment. Some meander aimlessly looking for the next place on which to land. The swamp provides much to a different world of wild life.

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Poem Idea - Ducks or Daffodils


Ducks or daffodils…daffodils or ducks…Really think about the focus of certain sitings within a scene. Composing a poem about a single item may provide focus and direction. In this case, you single item is the complete picture. You are standing outside a restaurant and what comes waddling along, but a mother duck and her little ones. Their colors blend into the woodchips which line the bed of the daffodils.

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Poem Idea - Giant Pandas

An enormous black and white, cuddly-looking bear rests amongst tall bamboo stalks and its rocky surroundings. The giant panda may look cute, but its large teeth and incredibly strong jaws make it more dangerous than your night-time teddy bear. The zoos are becoming one of the few places you can find these creatures. The giant panda uses a pseudo thumb which helps them grasp their favorite meal.

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Poem Idea - Horse of a Similar Color

Horses are majestic creatures admired for their perseverance and taken advantage of for their shear strength. They stand shoulders above most humans and run like the wind…OK, maybe not exactly like the wind, but get caught down wind from them and you will reflect on another strong creature.

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Poem Idea - Cat Reflections

tiger closeup

Cats are creatures who have been a part of domestic life for a long, long time. With calming purrs, soft fur, glowing eyes, and at times, a self-centered personality, these felines provide a companion to many generations. From the little fur ball of a kitten to the back-arching adult alley cat, these creatures are a part of many lives.

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Poem Idea - Dog Connection

Dogs are great companions and closer to us than we would like to admit sometimes. The soft fur, the floppy or pointy ears, the panting, the growling, the cold nose. All of these connect with our canine pals. Are you thinking about the puppy you got when you were young? Are you reflecting on the neighbor’s pooch? Either way, focus on the connections he brings.

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