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Poem Idea - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for family; A time for feasting; A time for remembering the bonds that brought us together as a country. We give thanks for what we have and what we share. We give thanks for what we hope for the future and what we have built in the past. We gather together as families, large and small, to eat large quantities of turkey, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole.

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Poem Idea - Halloween to All Hallows Eve

Halloween is full of spirits and spooky creatures. It is full of princesses and princes. It is full of mystery and imagination. It is a great time of year to be a child. The candy, the costumes, the connection to creativity is all around during All Hallows Eve. Write of the visions seen and felt as young trick-or-treaters venture down noisy paths and up clutter sidewalks to get handed a caramel apple, a large chocolate bar, or even a rock.

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Poem Idea - Fourth of July - Freedom Based

The celebration of Independence for the US occurs on the Fourth of July…Many poems have been written about this day, but many of us take the freedoms for granted. When we think of this day, do we connect it to the wars that our brave troops delivered dedicated service for the protection of that freedom? Or, do we think of the rebellion always be legal in the fist person, such as our rebellion, and illegal in the third person such as their rebellion…?

When did the fireworks arise in our lives to recognize the importance of this connected freedom we share and cherish? When we reflect on the sacrifices our fore fathers made to establish a country rooted in values and bringing equality back into the lives of it inhabitants. What does this day mean to you? Is it all about the loud noises and pretty lights? Write about the emotions and post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

Poem Idea – Easter Bunny or Day…

A hop, hop, hopping day that is celebrated by many world-wide for many different reasons. Easter is recognized commercially as the day of the Easter Bunny. Children go to malls of many shapes and sizes to see and take pictures with this happy hopper. The Easter Bunny is a rabbit who hides eggs for children to find and provides baskets of candy to munch on during a day celebrating new life. The children that partake in the candy definitely receive a new life as they mirror the bunny and bounce around the house, the yard, and across the lawns and flower beds of the recently blooming tulips.

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Poem Idea - St. Patrick’s Day – Wearin’ the Green

The wearin’ of the green…that’s the day when all those who are not of Irish decent celebrate the lovely story of St. Patrick and his day. From marching in large parades to drinking green beer to eating corned beef and cabbage, this day is about celebrating life and enjoying it. This festive occasion brings about a brotherhood many don’t remember exists the rest of the year. This joyous occasion provides opportunities for grown adults to relive their youth and become a part of new traditions. And, don’t forget the beer.

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Poem Idea - Valentine's Day

Some believe that Valentine’s Day is the day of romance and love. Other s feel it remains a commercial driven holiday meant for card and flowers companies to sell their goods at double the price. What side do you hold? Where does love lie on the day meant for relationships? The verse here can create an image of pure joy or pure disappointment. The lines used can be rich with the flowing joy of a perfect day spent with your loved one. Or, they can contain simple slights of Valentine Days missed because of a poor relationship.

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Poem Idea - Groundhog Days

Ahh, that cute, furry little creature that determines whether the weather will be kind or severe. Yes, this creature is the groundhog. Tiny ears…small pudgy body…very timid…very predictive of the possible future. Sometimes he is correct. Other times he is no so much. Create a verse that ties in the semblance of this simple creature to his prognostications.

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Poem Idea - New Year's Eve

The emotions that enter into play when starting a new year bring back many memories and encourage fresh beginnings all at the same time. At what point do we realize it is the start of something new? At what point do we consider this a possible do-over? At what point does this day actually become special? Is there a significance in this event any more? Or, has it just become a day to watch football and take a day off work or recover from the extensive celebrations you enjoyed the evening prior?

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