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Poem Idea - Remembering the Old House


It may be old, but it is still fresh with the memories of the years you have spent there. That childhood house still stands. It makes its way into dreams and into stories. Think of where you grew up and connect with the good times. Remember an event that was special. Remember a time that was simpler. See your days again in that old place. Imagine your time in a more reflective light. Talk of the structure, the rooms, the windows.

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Poem Idea - Father's Day Remembered

What role did your father play? What role did you allow him to play? How do you celebrate Father’s Day? Do you recognize your dad as a strong individual who can conquer any fear and help subside any worries? Do you remember your daddy for the fun times of playing catch or learning to ride your bike? What image have you created to share with others about the man who was a guiding force in your life?

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Poem Idea - Mother's Day Reflection

A day to celebrate and recognize those who sacrificed much of their lives and shared love with us unconditionally. Mother’s Day is a day to reconnect with those who provided us with shelter and examples whether we requested it or not. They knew who we were even when we were searching for our inner self. They have their own distinct opinions about our relationships. They become overjoyed and hopeful at the prospect of being a grandmother.

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Poem Idea - Children Are...

Children are intense. Children are exciting. Children are our hope for a great future. They can be influenced in so many ways. It is a delicate path to venture down without a manual or life net…The challenging part is that children do not come with either of those needed resources. What they do come with is a sense of wonder…an insightful awe…a growing curiosity of what it is like to be older.

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Poem Idea - Brothers, Sisters, and Memory

Your siblings invite memories of days in your past. They encourage younger experiences to be relived and re-imagined. Some of these times of remembrance are positive, some are not so warm and fuzzy. Think of one of those days where the memories are clear.

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