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Poem Idea - Book Binding


Books are bound to a higher calling. Books are stitched together with a passion greater than an old blanket. Books are what connect us to the worlds we have never visited. Books are the portals into lives which we envision only for a spell and are lost quicker than the snow melts right before spring.

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Poem Idea - Clock Tipping


Tick tock, tock tick…cling clang, swish, swish…the sounds of a clock provide enough rhythm to create your verse…however, the slowly moving hands and the rapidly flying times add another dimension to the simple yet somewhat necessary device.

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Poem Idea - By Candle Light

The small flicker of a flame…the dripping of that wonderful, hot wax…the subtle warmth of the fire represent a candle in full use. Think about the wick as it stands before it provides the comfort. Think about the small beads that form as the heat ravages the delicate wax. Think about the small glimmer of sparks the newly formed light provides.

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Poem Idea - Board Games

Board games provide entertainment and a glimpse of simpler times. There were games with chips, games with knights, games with dice, and games with large mouth animals. Think of what they represent. Think of who played the games with you. Think of what it felt like to win. Think of what it felt like to fall short of the king, the prize, the last ladder.

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Poem Idea - Hats

Hats provide an opportunity for the wearer to take on different personalities and roles. Hats take on a personality all their own. Just looking at a cap, assigns an allegiance and group connection to the individual who dons the capote. Sometimes these covers provide warmth and comfort. Sometimes they are an added decoration or it just went with an outfit.

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Poem Idea - Wooden Benches – A Place to Rest


A few wooden strips bound together by glue, nails, or rope form a comfortable or just solid surface on which to rest a spell. Benches can be a welcome site to a weary traveler. They can be placed well along a path to provide enough points of respite. They can serve as places to share messages with each other, consumers, and random woodland creatures who happen by during or after our visit.

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Poem Idea - Keyboards

Keyboards provide you an avenue to create your work. They are the source that brings your words to the rest of the world in this growing technologically advanced world. There are many types of keys, many forms to grow accustomed to, many varieties and colors to choose…However, how many times have you seen a poem about this needed resource? Whether your poem is traditional, contemporary, or haiku, choose a format and pull your usage, your vision of the keyboard onto paper, into print, giving it life. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

Poem Idea - Lighting the Night


Many objects may light your way down a dark street. Few provide the sense of security and nostalgia that a street light does. The height helps illuminate a wider area. The intensity of the bulb sets the tone for the area. One lone light creates an ominous, eerie feeling. A series of bright beacons leads us to happier locations and eases that internal anxiety.

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Poem Idea - Candy Canes


Candy canes are usually for Christmas and Winter holidays…when you have children, they become treats all year round. However, when you see one, you remember the connection to childhood…yours, your child’s, or the neighbor’s…however, you link the love of the sugary substance with better times, simpler times, good times.

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Poem Idea - Ice Cream

Ice cream is a wonderful treat to enjoy on warm, extremely hot, and unbearable summer days…ah, who are we kidding, unless you are lactose intolerant, ice cream is good anytime, in any weather. The varieties are many…you could enjoy a strawberry, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate, chocolate fudge, pistachio, and yes, the most popular, vanilla. Each flavor, each chunk of cool goodness, remind us of different moments in life.

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