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Poem Idea - Sonnet Through the Muse

A special relationship deserves to be appreciated and admired. A spouse or significant individual should be told how special they are to you and in your life. Reflect on the happiness they bring. Encourage your muse to show through the relationship and into a being all its own.

Research the great works and sonnets of the classic romantics and develop a style you share with your romantic counterpart and your inner muse. How strong is the connection? How important is the shared togetherness? How far into your heart do you delve to encourage the love you share to make its way onto a blank page or screen? How long is the gaze into the mirrors of your souls? Keep it intense, and encourage the surges of palpitations and emotion. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

Sonnet through Muse

My mistress’s eyes are nothing like the sun, tis true,
They are a far more brilliant hue.
Coral’s redness may be debated only among sunken ships,
But they may never taste as sweet as my mistress’ lips.
If snow be white, then true purity befriended the seven,
And her silken hair was certainly spun from the clouds of heaven.
Her sweet scent is synonymous with what a fresh breeze brings,
And her voice chimes in time with my delicate heartstrings.
If on Earth there a goddess be,
I am truly fortunate, for she is with me.
Alas, a poet’s pact I break and abuse,
And, as my own words prove, I have fallen for my muse.
I offer no excuses for what my mind has endeavored to create,
But open my heart no matter how long the wait.

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