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Audible Pick of the Week – Inkheart

Are you looking to be brought into the very book you are reading…? Inkheart may be the place to start…

The premise was one that would bring young readers into the reading world again. When a father refuses to read aloud to his daughter for fear of her being pulled into the book he is reading, there is need for more than just concern.

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Balance Your Reading with Audible

So, you’ve read our topics, you’ve listened to our podcast, or you’ve followed us on Twitter…either way, you have seen some new authors tied to some old ideas. We are proud to be able to share with you a couple of great deals from one of our favorite classic and contemporary story source,…check out these special deals available from our friends at Audible:

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Read the Unexpected

You venture into the bookstore either physical or virtual and you look at all the random titles on the shelf. Which ones do you choose? Which ones stand out? Do you go with the one that rest on the end cap? Do you go with the one with the most colorful cover? Do you choose one because someone recommended it? Was it a friend who shared it was good? Or, was it a bookseller?

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Story Review – The Voice of the Muse – Mark David Gerson

Writers in search of their muse need to explore The Voice of the Muse by Mark David Gerson. As you sit down to write, your inner voice may ask: Where have all the good stories gone? To where have the inspirations disappeared? When will you be given the words to share the story trapped inside? Ideas along our inner paths can be found with the pages of this book.

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Story Review – Illusions

Richard Bach shares insight into his life and beliefs in Illusions. This book was a great source of hope and belief for me as I ventured through college. Bach crosses adventure with belief and demonstrates that without either life can be incredibly boring. With both, life can be much more than many care to handle.

Life is a fact, living is a choice. We all have a connection to a higher calling. It is up to each of us to transcend our limitations and grow.

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Story Review – Jonathan Livingston Seagull

What can I say of Jonathan Livingston Seagull that doesn’t make me smile..From my family making references to me with his name to re-reading the book at every life milestone, this book has been a part of my life.

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