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Read the Unexpected

You venture into the bookstore either physical or virtual and you look at all the random titles on the shelf. Which ones do you choose? Which ones stand out? Do you go with the one that rest on the end cap? Do you go with the one with the most colorful cover? Do you choose one because someone recommended it? Was it a friend who shared it was good? Or, was it a bookseller?

Have you tried other authors that align with your personal reading style? Have you thought about trying a lesser know writer? What was your experience? Was it good? Was it bad? Was it a book you passed along to someone else? There are so many books out there. How do you choose? Tell us about your favorite titles, your favorite writers, your favorite step back from daily life.

What? You haven’t read any books that did not fall under mainstream? Try this…visit and type Createspace in the search bar…Or, just click the word Createspace here…Most of the books there are by less known writers. Most are people just like you waiting to share a story.

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