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Story Idea - Sisters in School

Sisters can teach each other many things. They can teach each other good habits and some times not so good habits. They can help each other get acquainted with a new school and find new friends. This adventure involves two young children. One is in second grade. She is mostly extroverted, comfortable, and secure in the learning environment. The other is in kindergarten. She is introverted and a little nervous about all the people she doesn’t know.

Create the characters as if you were the children. Remember the awe. Remember how big things seemed. Create the school environment as it is or once was. Remember to settle on an appropriate setting. Remember to place other characters that relate to the other children of the time. Build your story as a child first and edit it as an adult.

After your first draft, call your brother or sister and talk about your storylines…Go back and recreate your story… Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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