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Story Idea - Riding the Waves


The waves have been around since the oceans were formed. They carry water from one spot to the next. They push along boats, seaweed, and many other species who rely on the depths to move them from one location to the next. Could it also be the need for transportation that causes waves in the first place? Forget about the moon causing the tides. Perhaps, the creatures who have developed this technology left the earth and forgot to turn off the motion sensors. The waves are getting larger and have begun to cause damage to the shore. We have searched for ways to calm them, but nothing seems to have worked.

What path will you take? Do your character pray to a divine being in the hopes of settling the storms? Will the “technology” be revealed during some deep sea fishing expedition? Or, will classified, ancient manuscripts finally come to light to reveal the existence of another being who visited our humble abodes…?

Choose the view…choose your characters…Give each plotline, each being a believable interaction point and a passion to interact with the other entities. Remember, short stories are shorter than novels. Keep your story focused and save the rest for a longer work. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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