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Story Idea - Coffee - Taste and See

Coffee is a great stimulator. It provides that get up and go when the get up has just about gone, or perhaps hasn’t even shown up for the day. Tammy drinks three cups of this magical brew each morning before she even gets into work…one before her shower, one after the gym, and one on her way to the office. The rest of the day’s menu is very similar. She needs the caffeine, and nothing else seems to work. It has to be coffee or nothing. Somehow, she forgets to buy her usual coffee during her recent trip to the grocery store and runs out late that night to pick up a blend for the morning.

Her usual stores are closed and the grocery store seems to be out. Feeling somewhat defeated, she heads back home. On her way, she passes a recently constructed strip mall. One of the stores is a coffee shop and it is open. The moment she walks through the door and the wonderful wafting aroma hits her, she feels a sense of calm, a sense of belonging, a sense of being at home. A clerk greets her and asks, “What is your taste of choice? Wait a minute, let me guess…”

Who is Tammy’s taste? Does the clerk know and guess the right flavor? Where is this store? What kind of coffee doe they sell? What does Tammy think of this place? What caused the feelings when she walked in? How long does she stay? Think about all of these questions and interactions and write until you have fulfilled each unanswered question. Decide on your direction. Decide on the story and write. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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