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Story Idea - Twittering Your Life Away

So, you have decided to sign-up for Twitter…you don’t know why, but you do know that it is all that…or, at least that is what your younger sister told you. You have gone to the main page, signed up, waited…nothing. That’s right, nothing. You check the screen for days wondering when the “news” will be flooding in. Once, after signing in, you see a large whale on the screen and then a funky bird. After refreshing your browser a few times, you see a blank spot under your update box. You can’t take it any more. So, you decide to have a conversation with yourself using Twitter.

How will you do this? Who is this other personality? Do you create another account? Or, do you just change voices within the tweet itself? Decide if you followed anyone. Decide if you talked to anyone? Decide on what response you got if any from other out there in the random electronic world. Do you find that people are adding you as a friend? What topics do you cover in the conversation with yourself? What impact does this dialogue have on your more physical life?

OK, while this may be a little too close to reality for some, it aligns well with what is possible in today’s society. The storyline doesn’t have to be about Twitter. You could change the timeline and set it earlier where you are writing letters back and forth to yourself. Same idea, different method…Choose your path and choose your storyline, but write and enjoy.

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