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Story Idea - Looking for Fantasylands

What is the difference between sprites and fairies? How about fairies and pixies? At some point, they were the same. At some point, they became different. At some point, they just moved away from one location to many. Until one day when another creature finds a document with hints of where each group moved.

What is this document that is found? Who is this other creature? What is the difference? Is there a difference? Will each group be found? Is there a map that goes along with the document? Why did they separate in the first place? Is this a series of short stories?

Decide on the path the character follows. Decide on the mysteries revealed. Decide on the reason for looking for the answers. Decide on the behaviors that separate each group. Decide on the setting. Is it a forest? A swamp? A dessert? All of them? Think about parallels between these groups and ones you know. Decide on the story, and write. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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