Two New Story Institute Publications Coming Soon

Well, many things have been going on behind the scenes at Story Institute. We have been working with authors on their individual writing and concentrating on editing, designing, and publishing two new books. One will be from an author featured on Story Institute. The other book will be an anthology … Continue reading

Balance Your Reading with Audible

So, you’ve read our topics, you’ve listened to our podcast, or you’ve followed us on Twitter…either way, you have seen some new authors tied to some old ideas. We are proud to be able to share with you a couple of great deals from one of our favorite classic and … Continue reading

Read Before You Write

So, you are thinking of writing that great novel…the intense short story…or, that inspirational poem…You have your setting, your subject, your time…Have you remembered to read other writing like yours? Reading stories, poems, and sentences like you wish to write brings you closer to the words and audience with which … Continue reading

Short Story Topics – Driving Success

Getting your driver’s license was an exciting adventure for the teenager. However, it was never any fun for the parent. The driver is a nervous individual who really wants to pass. The driver has plans for a more exciting weekend. A party with an older crowd; a borrowed freedom; and … Continue reading