Short Story Topic – Moving Day

This day is is dreaded by children and parents everywhere.  While they are looking forward to the newness of different house and change of scenery, each will miss a part of the space they are leaving behind.  Each will bring with them a memory to recreate in the new location. … Continue reading

The Greatest Artist in the World

I am not a writer, and this will probably be my only post ever on this site.  I hope someone can make some use of this idea, for I certainly can’t.   For background, I have recently had occasion to research the topic of color blindness, and I came across … Continue reading

New RamblingVerser Podcasts to appear soon…

After a much too long of a hiatus, Story Institute’s RamblingVerser podcast will be returning to the air…or rather clouded waves…This season, we will bring back some familiar favorites such as the quote, poem, and topics of the week as well as add some structure to your storytelling and writing. … Continue reading

Short Story Topics – Spirits in the Family

Ghosts are just a part of our imagination and storylines. Ghosts are visions, merely illusions that interact with the residents of this realm only to be shunned and frightened. There is a small family of spirits that somehow bonded, connected together, and decided to live together in an old television. … Continue reading

Short Story Topics – Flower Power

Picking the right flower can make or break a relationship. Do you go with the red ones? The pink ones? The white ones? The roses? The tulips? The brightly-colored, always in bloom ones? Wait, those might be plastic. They might be, but as you pass the store, you are drawn … Continue reading

Short Story Topics – Pet Turtles Are Funny

Pets are wonderful for teaching children responsibility. What better way to teach a boy the responsibility of a pet than with a turtle. That is what the eight-year old boy thought. That is until he met the turtle. The creature disappears inside its shell every time the boy gets near. … Continue reading

Short Story Topics – Away to Nature

The tall creature lingered into view. The young couple sat on their hotel balcony and watched the long tongue wrapped itself around a nearby tree, slowly stripping off the green leaving only the remnants of a darker, brownish color coated in saliva. The man and woman embrace and watch this … Continue reading