Short Story Topic – Moving Day

This day is is dreaded by children and parents everywhere.  While they are looking forward to the newness of different house and change of scenery, each will miss a part of the space they are leaving behind.  Each will bring with them a memory to recreate in the new location. … Continue reading

The Greatest Artist in the World

I am not a writer, and this will probably be my only post ever on this site.  I hope someone can make some use of this idea, for I certainly can’t.   For background, I have recently had occasion to research the topic of color blindness, and I came across … Continue reading

Short Story Topics – Twittering Your Life Away…

So, you have decided to sign-up for Twitter…you don’t know why, but you do know that it is all that…or, at least that is what your younger sister told you. You have gone to the main page, signed up, waited…nothing. That’s right, nothing. You check the screen for days wondering … Continue reading

Short Story Topics – Soccer for the Little Ones

Parents always push their children to achieve greatness in everything they do, especially in sports. Whether they are five and just beginning their venture of kicking a small, checkered ball around a grassy field, or they are fifteen and riding the bench of high school sports team wondering whatever happened … Continue reading

Short Story Topics – Rollercoaster Theming

Life is like a rollercoaster. A common analogy used to explain the ups and downs of life. When thinking of this rollercoaster though, depending on your experience you may picture a stand alone coaster. One in the middle of a park, perhaps sitting next to a carousel or some other … Continue reading

Short Story Topics – Coffee – Taste and See

Coffee is a great stimulator. It provides that get up and go when the get up has just about gone, or perhaps hasn’t even shown up for the day. Tammy drinks three cups of this magical brew each morning before she even gets into work…one before her shower, one after … Continue reading

Short Story Topics – Flying into a Different Similar Cloud

Flying above the clouds can be uplifting, but rather dull if you do it often. Such is the case with Bill. He looks forward to being in a different place at the end of the trip, but the path itself is less than exciting. On one trip between Chicago and … Continue reading