Poetry Topic – Remembering the Old House

It may be old, but it is still fresh with the memories of the years you have spent there.  That childhood house still stands.  It makes its way into dreams and into stories.  Think of where you grew up and connect with the good times.  Remember an event that was … Continue reading

New RamblingVerser Podcasts to appear soon…

After a much too long of a hiatus, Story Institute’s RamblingVerser podcast will be returning to the air…or rather clouded waves…This season, we will bring back some familiar favorites such as the quote, poem, and topics of the week as well as add some structure to your storytelling and writing. … Continue reading

Poetry Topics – Carnivals

When was the last time you were at a carnival? You know, one of those signs of summer…the crowded, dark, and sometimes littered parking lots with the Tilt-A-Whirls, the Ferris wheels, the bumper cars, and those all tempting carnival games…Cotton candy, all sticky and sugary…Snow comes, so icy and and … Continue reading

Poetry Topics – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for family. A time for feasting. A time for remembering the bonds that brought us together as a country. We give thanks for what we have and what we share. We give thanks for what we hope for the future and what we have built in … Continue reading

Poetry Topics – Easter Bunny or Day…

A hop, hop, hopping day that is celebrated by many world-wide for many different reasons. Easter is recognized commercially as the day of the Easter Bunny. Children go to malls of many shapes and sizes to see and take pictures with this happy hopper. The Easter Bunny is a rabbit … Continue reading

Poetry Topics – St. Patrick’s Day – Wearin’ the Green

The wearin’ of the green…that’s the day when all those who are not of Irish decent celebrate the lovely story of St. Patrick and his day. From marching in large parades to drinking green beer to eating corned beef and cabbage, this day is about celebrating life and enjoying it. … Continue reading