Poetry Topics – Valentine’s Day

Some believe that Valentine’s Day is the day of romance and love. Other s feel it remains a commercial driven holiday meant for card and flowers companies to sell their goods at double the price. What side do you hold? Where does love lie on the day meant for relationships? … Continue reading

Poetry Topics – Groundhog Days

Ahh, that cute, furry little creature that determines whether the weather will be kind or severe. Yes, this creature is the groundhog. Tiny ears…small pudgy body…very timid…very predictive of the possible future. Sometimes he is correct. Other times he is no so much. Create a verse that ties in the … Continue reading

Poetry Topics – New Year’s Eve

The emotions that enter into play when starting a new year bring back many memories and encourage fresh beginnings all at the same time. At what point do we realize it is the start of something new? At what point do we consider this a possible do-over? At what point … Continue reading

Poetry Topics – Rose Blooms

A rose is a complicated flower, both to grow and behold. The color of this symbol can determine the type of relationship you share. The level of thorns can determine how long you would like to remain in that relationship. Connecting to the buds themselves enable you to appreciate the … Continue reading

Poetry Topics – Sonnet through Muse

A special relationship deserves to be appreciated and admired. A spouse or significant individual should be told how special they are to you and in your life. Reflect on the happiness they bring. Encourage your muse to show through the relationship and into a being all its own. Research the … Continue reading

Poetry Topics – Tortoise not turtle

Tortoises are classified as slow and tired looking. For those that know the beast, they can be described as calm, complacent, wise-looking. The hard shell protects the softer insides from predators, but it is not the enormously comfortable home we may desire. It creeps along 0.13 mph, but does it … Continue reading

Poetry Topics – Giraffes Around

Giraffes are tall creatures who blend in well with the surroundings they choose. They reach up into the tall realms of the leafy residents of their community and enjoy a meal or light snack. With feet the size of a standard dinner plate, they can achieve speeds of up to … Continue reading