Story Institute Rambling Verser – Episode 26 – Style and Story

Style and Story – Has the muse moved…Or, is man really a friend of the vultures… Featured Quote: “Poetry is simply literature reduced to the essence of its active principle. It is purged of idols of every kind, of realistic illusions, of any conceivable equivocation between the language of “truth” … Continue reading

Find Your Time to Write

You know what your day looks like. You know when you have time to write. You also know when you don’t have time to write. There are really two challenges though…Finding the time when you are not asleep and finding your particular muse somewhere along the way. They are both … Continue reading

Poetry Topics – Sonnet through Muse

A special relationship deserves to be appreciated and admired. A spouse or significant individual should be told how special they are to you and in your life. Reflect on the happiness they bring. Encourage your muse to show through the relationship and into a being all its own. Research the … Continue reading

Story Review – The Voice of the Muse – Mark David Gerson

Writers in search of their muse need to explore The Voice of the Muse by Mark David Gerson. As you sit down to write, your inner voice may ask: Where have all the good stories gone? To where have the inspirations disappeared? When will you be given the words to … Continue reading

RamblingVerses Newsletter – Episode I – July 2008

Welcome to the first Story Institute newsletter. No time for wasting…let’s rambling on through the storylines… Whether you are composing a poem, scribbling a short story, or scratching out a novel, an inspiration is needed to get you going and maintain the explosions of creativity throughout your piece. Sometimes, we … Continue reading

Poem – On Inspiration

Do not wait for the moment of inspiration to arrive…go out and search for it yourself… Small sparks, Flashes of brilliance, Loud booms of thunder, And flashes of lightening, Begin to penetrate the inner being. All swirl round and round, Crashing violently into each other. Some combine, Others repel. And … Continue reading