Story Institute RamblingVerser Podcast – Episode 5

Shift into the Shadows with Marcus DeHart… Quote by John Ashbery Poem from Robert Louis Stevenson – Shadow March Guest Conversation with Marcus DeHart Here is a little about Marcus from his website ( “Marcus DeHart is a professional writer and designer and the sole owner of Caret Marketing and … Continue reading

Short Story Topics – Time in Imagination with Technology

Time stands still when you do not carry a watch. Time also stands still when you do not know what time is…We can hide from reality and even be put in places to help us pretend more. However, we can not dismiss reality when the lights around us signify changes. … Continue reading

Short Story Topics – Riding the Kite of Imagination

Children have adventures when the rest of us are simply living our lives. Siblings have even more special adventures in between fights and scream fests. This story begins with a mother listening into the stories of two sisters playing in their bedroom. “Lets fly a kite and get stuck in … Continue reading