Poem – Holocaust – Hannah Steadman

Holocaust © 2009 – Hannah Ruth Steadman The bluebird chirps of love tonight As two form one in close embrace. Love’s power strains beyond all might To ease the ache of life’s hard race. Vain words of hope he breathes this hour; She sobs the more as daybreak comes. A … Continue reading

Poem – Dour Girl – Lianna Albrizio

Dour Girl © 2009 – Lianna Albrizio Every morning she arises to a routine feeling of despair. She picks up a pen to begin to write, attempting to cleanse her mind of self-deprecating thoughts that bite. She puts on a black t-shirt to match her mood, and applies mascara called … Continue reading

Poem – Who Are You – Damien Livingston

Who Are You? © 2009 – Damien Livingston Sometimes I question myself When I begin to do things, I never done before Is this maturity, am I bettering myself Or is this post teen peer pressure where I following a flock Who are you? Sometimes you have to ask Because … Continue reading

Poem – My Lover, My Friend – Crystal Robin Rose

My Lover, My Friend © 2009 Crystal Robin Rose Butterflies, goose bumps, even chills, When I’m with you that’s how I feel. Holding you tight oh so close, Being a part of your life is what I love the most. My eyes sparkle, my face glows, How much you mean … Continue reading

Poem – The Machine: Time Driven – Cathy P. Staley

The Machine: Time Driven © 2009 Cathy P. Staley Metal pieces, The ocean breeze, An open door, As if to say, “Hello.” The blood of man. Stood up there, And through his lips spoke to the world, But throught the world is where his words now lay scatered. Time passes … Continue reading

Story Institute RamblingVerser – Episode 15

This week’s show features other entries to our poetry contest and some general thoughts and prompts for writing…sit back, relax, and enjoy the show… Quote – Isaac Asimov – “You must keep sending work out; you must never let a manuscript do nothing but eat its head off in a … Continue reading

Poem – Sickness – Jamie Lynn Waters

Sickness © 2009 Jamie Lynn Waters Sickness is a sad thing, Watching the color fade from your face, Wondering how your yesterdays are, Did you live it to the fullest, Or was it just a mistake, regret, or nothing at all, It could be today, It could be tomorrow, I’m … Continue reading