Short Story Topics – Riding the Kite of Imagination

Children have adventures when the rest of us are simply living our lives. Siblings have even more special adventures in between fights and scream fests. This story begins with a mother listening into the stories of two sisters playing in their bedroom. “Lets fly a kite and get stuck in the air,” says the littlest one. And, the adventure begins…

Where does it go? Where do the sisters sail on their kite adventure? Are there more to follow? What objects do they see as they rise above the landscape, one sister clinging to the tail, the other soaring on the base? What does the mother think and feel as she watches her children achieving more than just a play time moment?

Reach back into your childhood. Remember the adventures you needed to have before technology took over your daily routines. Reflect on your own children and the journeys they take daily in their minds. Decide on the story, and write. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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