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As you venture through Story Institute looking for story topics, poem ideas, or writing tips, use these guidelines to help with your journey. This post was written for a younger writer who was looking for a complete storyline and character development. We have changed it for a general audience with the hope that others can benefit from the thoughts.

1) Look for ideas, write with a purpose – The topics on Story Institute can not stand alone for a great story. However, the components are there for each writer to add that in. The author decides each step, each character each answer. The questions about what happens next are for those that may not know how to write a story in general. The deeper meaning will come from the writer.

2) Write about things that interest you – If none of the topics or ideas spur a inspiration, visit your favorite sites for topics. Look around you for small things. Many things will have a deeper meaning if we give it one. Take for example the Moving Day topic. There may be too much prompting in that topic. However, if you’ve ever moved, ask yourself how it make you feel? Did you leave behind some good friends? Do you remember them? Does it matter as much now as it did when you moved? Your purpose there is to supply the emotion. Each writer will have their own emotion. Many of the topics are basic and sometimes provide hints at a motive or emotion, however, this is not the way to become a good writer. Good stories are a product of a good writer.

3) Not every story is great , sometimes they are just stories – Take for example Danielle Steel novels. Each one has a formula the author uses to sell books. Ms. Steel even shared how she creates each book the same way. That is how you find so many in the book store. She can write a book within a couple of months. However, it took Mark Twain over 7 years to write Huckleberry Finn. There is more purpose and more meaning in Twain’s work, but it takes time to understand it and most people will not try. Look at all of the movies out now around Snow White…each tell a different version of the classic tale, but they are not as memorable except for the special effects.

4) Write. – If you are looking to find stories to fulfill a school assignment, you can get the checkbox by filling in some of the gaps from the simply ideas on the site. The best way for you to find the inner voice is to write. Take a simple trip to the mall or school and add the adventure you enjoy, zombies, vampires, and all. The purpose can be a life lesson, family related, or saving a book that was the last of an ancient text that provided a cure for cancer. You will learn to do this by writing.

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