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Poem Idea - War - What is Seen

War has many faces. War has many situations. It never turns out as well as either side expects. It always turns out bad for someone. In fact, it never seems to live up to any billing. The nature and reasons for this demolition has changed over the centuries. The weapons have expanded and become more brutal than any of the tortures thought up by the ancients. However, they are quicker and take less time to inflict the damage.

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Poem Idea - Football Memories

Football is a very aggressive sport. There are many images that may explode into memory. There are many players that run through your mind when you think of the great ones throughout history. Whether it is Sweetness, the Steel Curtain, the Purple People Eaters, Hogs, or just someone named Joe, there are many reasons to write verses about this gun-slinging adventure.

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Poem Idea - Fireworks


Bright lights erupting in the phased violet to still darker, out-of-reach canvas encourage memories that reach even further. Fireworks can represent those pretty lights seen from far away. They can represent hot summer days and celebrations of times long past. They can signify those intimate moments during our dating days. The bright flashes take us away from the dull, contentment we may experience during the day into a spark-filled, excited, and loud evening.

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Poem Idea - Kindergarten

Do you remember the day when you entered the large halls of an unknown building, and your parents said, “have a good day”…”have fun at school”…”you are growing too quickly”…

Well, maybe you remember, maybe you don’t…that first day in kindergarten was important to your continued growth. That first day was important to forming many, many impressions on what would be a long or short learning career.

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Poem Idea - Beacons and Tethers


On the border of sand and water…looking for the bright beacon to lead us to shore. Humans have braved across dangerous waters to reach yet another shore. We look for reasons to seek adventure in order to reach something familiar. Long wooden planks connect our tethering to the known…the shore. Whereas, the beacon allows us an immediate comfort in our initial adventurous spirit. The light shines brighter at some of the darkest times during the nightly moments.

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