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Poem Idea - Sonnet Through the Muse

A special relationship deserves to be appreciated and admired. A spouse or significant individual should be told how special they are to you and in your life. Reflect on the happiness they bring. Encourage your muse to show through the relationship and into a being all its own.

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Poem Idea - Feel the Music

Music by itself helps create and bring back memories. Whether you think about the rebounding of the bass, the techno touch of the guitar, the soft melodies of a violin, the boom of the drums, or the surging of the brass, new moments are created in your memory.

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Poem Idea - Success

Success is something many strive for. However, the definitions of success are different for every individual and vary for each situation. Success for a 5-year old may be tying her shoe. Success for a teenager may be obtaining their driver’s license and obtain a physical sense of freedom.

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Poem Idea - Thanking Your Muse

Your muse stimulates you to write. However, when was the last time you wrote about your muse? Great poets of our past, from Shakespeare to Dante, have provided insight to their muse. Some have touted their thanks.

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Poem Idea - Integrity

When we act in a manner consistent with our words and beliefs, we are thought to have integrity. People look for that behavior as they determine whom to trust with their stories. Those tales can be the relationship they just began, their financial records, or the loss they just experienced. Having integrity allows us to keep these stories close, and share them only with trusted sources.

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Poem Idea - Balance

Balance can be about your ability to stay on top of the a spinning log in the water, a very thin line high above an awed audience, or maintaining your sanity between work and home expectations. Life sometimes causes us to walk a little crooked and bouncy, making balance a challenge to achieve across the board.

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Poem Idea - Honesty

Honesty helps us interact with each other in a sincere manner. Honesty helps build trust and grow relationships. When we think of the words that tie into our personal vision of honesty, we may reflect on situations rather than words. Relive those situations. Think of the emotions that you experienced when someone was honest about your hair, those shoes, or your performance.

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