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Rebecca Laskowitz Releases Class Of…on Amazon


Rebecca Laskowitz releases Class Of…

Rebecca first appeared on Story Institute as the winner of our short story contest. Last year, we published her first novel, The Manuscriptir. This year, Rebecca adds another thriller to the craft of writing, Class of…ir published through CreateSpace.

Check out, Class of…ir, a great second novel from the up-and-coming author, Rebecca Laskowitz.

Author Links and Suggestions

The web is a wonderful place to find resources and ideas. As an author, we never know when inspiration may hit, nor do we always get to choose the form. Below are some resources shared with us by Chadd Corrie, These resources talk about another community from a large publisher (Penguin) for Genre Fiction, and how to build a book trailer.

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Author Updates – Chad Corrie


We have two updates from Chad Corrie…Chad has appeared on many RamblingVerser Podcasts…If you are in the area, please stop by and support Chad…

Direct from

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Author Announcement - Chad Corrie Fan Page

As our regular listeners to Story Institute’s RamblingVerser will know, Chad Corrie has been an invaluable guest and integral author to our podcast conversations. Chad recently shared an announcement with us about an addition to his new website. Read below for some writing directions and opportunities and become a fan of Chad’s work and world…

“An exciting new addition is coming to There will soon be a Fan Page on the site.

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