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Story Idea - Spirits in the Family

Ghosts are just a part of our imagination and storylines. Ghosts are visions, merely illusions that interact with the residents of this realm only to be shunned and frightened. There is a small family of spirits that somehow bonded, connected together, and decided to live together in an old television. They continually put on shows that they’ve seen either before or after they entered this unique new world. The television was located safely inside a museum, so the family was able to remain and put on the shows each evening.

Decide on the location. Decide on the make up of the family. Is the story just about the ghosts and the tv? Is the story light-hearted? Or, is the story a bit more intense? Decide on the interactions the spirits may have with the living if any. Decide on the personalities of each ghost. Do other relatives come to visit? Or, is it just this small group who became a closer unit? Decide on the path. Decide on the story, and write.

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