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Story Idea – Soccer for the Little Ones

Parents always push their children to achieve greatness in everything they do, especially in sports. Whether they are five and just beginning their venture of kicking a small, checkered ball around a grassy field, or they are fifteen and riding the bench of high school sports team wondering whatever happened to the fun days of just being a part of a team, children are encouraged to play the game.

Choose your age and choose your point of view. Are you the child? Or, are you the parent? Are you the coach, or the cheerleader? Your point of view and the age of the child determines the path of your story. If the child is little, focus on the wonders of playing a game and running up and down the field. If the child is older, focus on the aspects of teamwork or the ups and downs that go along with winning or coming in second. Choose your path and choose your storyline, but write and enjoy.

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