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Story Idea - Doggie Butler

There are dog bowls, dog collars, dog parks, and even little doggie boutiques…what about a dog butler? A diary of a servant to canine that talks about the monotony and the adventures of the person and the pooch. Day-to-day events such as picking up a rather smelly excrement or just going for a walk are important to the storyline. However, a significant event, humorous event, about running through the sprinklers, climbing through trash to find a favorite toy, or polishing a collar daily would enhance the storyline and engage your readers.

Think about the type of dog being watched. Think about the history of the butler. Think about the family and whether or not they spend time with the dog or the butler is the sole source of interaction for the furry friend. Think about the demeanor of the critter and how it inspires the random, humorous adventures that the servant looks forward to daily. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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