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Story Idea - Wedding Day – Groom View

Weddings can conjure up a completely different vision for every person reading this. If had a large wedding, you may have soaked in the excitement, the happiness, and the jubilation from the many, many, people around you…you may have also been completely exhausted from shaking everyone’s hand and thanking them for celebrating this special day with you. If you had a small wedding, you may have reveled in the intimacy, the togetherness, the bond that you shared with the special, select group of people. And, if you are part of the growing statistic of having multiple marriages, maybe you experienced both.

In this writing, focus on one type of event, big or small. However, focus on the event from the viewpoint of the groom. Do not take the Hollywood approach of infidelity and insecurity, take a more realistic approach of forgetting things, worrying about forgetting things, and wanting to make things truly a special day…a day that you can write books about later…a day that will lead to bigger concerns, more worries, but greater satisfaction in a new life together.

Start the week before the wedding. You know, the week when all members of the wedding party and the various guests show up…Use at least one flashback to share a story about the couple’s past together through the eyes of the groom. Share conversations with the best man. Decide if the best man is for or against the wedding. Breathe real life into your characters that inspires them and others, not just the stale stuff found in the vacuum that sucks up garbage. Choose your events wisely and remember this is a short story. If it gets too long, it is more along the lines of a novella or novel. Try not to go that far. Keep it creative and simple. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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