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Story Idea - Lost Gem in Hiding

Barley didn’t want to track down the missing emerald. Barley didn’t want to blend into another culture he barely understood. Barley didn’t want to venture into the swamp. Barley just wanted to be Barley…then again, who else would?

This is a simple story about an agent who tracks down missing treasures. The prizes are not stolen. They are just missing. Missing from what is up to you to decide. The emerald is in a community based around some swamp land. While it does not seem like people know it is there, someone may. Barley, if that is his real name, needs to find it.

Think about the environment. Search for the meaning to the lost gem. Think about the people. Do any know of the emerald? If so, what have they done with it. What will they think if they do find out about the gem? Think about the agent. For whom does he work? Will he ever just be himself? Decide on the story, and write. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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