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Story Idea - Stuck on the Stairway

What if the power went out in your 20 story building and you were stuck in the stairway…no, not the elevator, but the stairway…You’ve heard other stories about being trapped…you’ve seen the movies where people feel uncomfortable in enclosed spaces…However, what if you were just stuck?

Would it make a difference if you had children with you? Someone was hurt? Or, perhaps you heard someone yell for help on a floor above you? You maybe thinking that the emergency lights would come on. In this case, they did not. What would you use for light? Would you climb up in the dark to see if someone was hurt? Would you slide down each step and hope you can find someone at the bottom to help those on higher floors?

Choose your character. Choose your plots. Choose your storylines. Then, write. Keep it simple, but encourage the growth. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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