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Story Idea - And, the Music Begins

A story that involves music provides additional elements that are not available in most other stories. Concerts create and bring back memories long after the music stops. Whether you think about the rebounding of the bass, the techno touch of the guitar, the soft melodies of a violin, the boom of the drums, or the surging of the brass, you remember the moments you were a part of life with many others like yourself.

Choose your type of music…classical, pop, rock, hip hop, alternative, country, or contemporary…Make up a group, band, orchestra. You can base them on real performers, but create their story. Share why the characters in the story are going to see them…live. Focus on the level of excitement appropriate for your venue.

Don’t forget the random interactions with others at the event. You are all crammed into a building or stadium together, there is bound to be at least two conversations or funny memories while watching, purchasing merchandise, or simply fulfilling the call of nature. Intertwine these sub-stories into your main storyline. Share a piece of each character with your readers.

Keep it simple, but encourage the surges of sound and emotion. Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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