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Story Idea - Fish in a Bind

Children stare in wonder at the bright colors of little fish that swish around little bowls or larger tanks. As the tank becomes a little dingy, concentrate on the unique personality of one fish, one little finned-friend who cares about his surroundings. Does it help remind you to clean the filter? Or, does it enjoy the gunk? Decide the role the other fish play to help with this dilemma.

Who brought the little fish to the tank? Does it remember? Do the other fish remember cleaner days? Think about the simple personalities you can introduce in a small amount of space. Short stories do not have to be for adults only. Most children books are short and have basic storylines. Share the wonders of your little ones in this tale of rescuing the water bound friends. Be creative and enjoy your story… Post it here, or share elsewhere, but write and enjoy…

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